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- Research activities.

+ Facial Expression Analysis
+ Facial Expression Retargeting
+ Control Interface for a Synthetic Face


- Research activities:

I am currently a PhD student under supervision of Renaud Seguier.
The subject of my thesis is the
Facial Expressiveness of Virtual Characters.
You can checkout a few videos of my results so far :
please refer to my publications list for my details.

+ Facial Expression Analysis :

We aim at capturing and understanding how facial element move when performing facial expressions.
We identify and interpret the expressions as a 2D point in our continuous facial expression disk. The expressions can be imitated by a virtual character who is commanded by the expression disk (last video on the right).

Expression Tracking Example Online Analysis Example Online Analysis Example 2 Online Analysis and Imitation
Facial Expressions Tracking Online Analysis Online Analysis 2 Real-time Analysis and
Imitation of Expressions

+ Facial Expression Retargeting :

We developped a technique to retarget facial expressions from a source face (typically a human subject) onto a target face (2D or 3D virtual character).
2D_3D_retargetting_snapshot Online_Retargetting_snapshot
2D and 3D Retargetting** Online Retargetting

+ Control Interface for a Synthetic Face :
We manage to automatically generate a simple, intuitive control interface to manipulate emotional facial expressions on a synthetic face. The interface is based on the analysis of real human facial expressions.

2D Character:
Animation Sequence Generation Control Space Exploration Control Space Exploration 2

3D Character**:
Intuitive Face Control Animation Sequence Generation Animation Sequence Generation 2
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- Publications:

+ 2010

Nicolas Stoiber The Mimic Game: Real-time Recognition and Imitation of Emotional Facial Expressions. to appear in SIGGRAPH Talks 2010.

Nicolas Stoiber, Gaspard Breton, Renaud Seguier. Modeling Short-term Dynamics and Variability for Realistic Interactive Facial Animation. to appear in Computer Graphics and Applications, 2010.

Nicolas Stoiber, Renaud Seguier, Gaspard Breton. Facial Animation Retargeting and Control based on a Human Appearance Space. Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, vol. 21, pp. 39-54, 2010.

Nicolas Stoiber, Renaud Seguier, Gaspard Breton. A Data-Driven Meaningful Representation of Emotional Facial Expressions. To appear in Multimedia Information Extraction (Mark Maybury, eds. 2010).

+ 2009

Nicolas Stoiber, Renaud Seguier, Gaspard Breton. Représentation objective et pertinente des expressions faciales émotionnelles. Présentation à la journée "Visage, geste, action et comportement" du GDR-ISIS (8 décembre 2009).

Nicolas Stoiber, Renaud Seguier, Gaspard Breton. Automatic design of a control interface for a synthetic face. In Proceedings of the 13th international Conference on intelligent User interfaces (Sanibel Island, Florida, USA, February 08 - 11, 2009).

Abdul Sattar, Nicolas Stoiber, Renaud Seguier, Gaspard Breton. Gamer's Facial Cloning for Online Interactive Games. In International Journal of Computer Games Technology (special issue on Cyber Games and Interactive Entertainment).

+ Unpublished

Nicolas Stoiber, Bruno Levy, Eckehard Steinbach. Compression of Images and Videos by Geometrization.
Master Thesis Report, 2007.
INRIA Lorraine, ALICE Team.

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