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Here you can find a few interesting links related to my research, or not.

3D Processing/Rendering/Animation

Sebastien Hillaire's homepage

My personal rendering guru.

Cedric Cagniart's research page

A friend of mine doing a PhD on Geometry processing for Computer graphics.

Sylvain Le Gallou's Homepage

Homepage of a former PhD Student who worked on face tracking.

whylmiark's blog

Blog with interesting works on drawing, modeling and animating in 2D and 3D (in french)

Game Programming

Plenty of ressources (articles, books, forums) for game developers.

Artificial intelligence for game developers.

Box2D Physics Library

Game physics library working in 2D. Great performances!

Gamedeveloper magazine

Everything is in the title really.



A general search engine with a bunch of innovative tools.


Ideal place to go if you want to quickly learn stuff.

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